CASE CLOSED: The Crabtivating Tale of Buddy C. Weed

Well, that was a whirlwind, shell-shocking 48 hours. If you're sitting at home, squinting at your phone or computer screen puzzled, you're not alone. 

We found ourselves on an emotional pendulum alternating between sadness, anger, confusion, and even empathy — most of us have made poor inebriated decisions that do not entirely define our character.

In the end, Buddy C. Weed simply fell victim to classic alcohol-induced poor decision-making, similar to every parking cone, street sign or beer glass that's ever found itself in a dorm room. When we first learned of his status as MIA, we thought for sure he was in a dumpster somewhere, alone, dirty, and still high. We are infinitely thankful and happy to say that his abductors are not terrible humans at all, rather ones who made a mistake. Buddy C. Weed was returned to us last Friday afternoon, bow-tie and all, with a heartfelt apology, sincere regret, and our restored faith in humanity. While we may never understand exactly what went through the mind of his captor(s), we are just happy they were courageous enough to carry a massive, stolen baked crab costume back to its owners, and apologize to a room full of strangers.

If not for the rampant and unexpected support from our incredible Annapolis community, Annapolis Police Department, and various local businesses, we're not sure Buddy would be here with us now, blankly staring off into space in the corner of our office. He is notoriously a crab of few words, although we feel confident speaking for him in saying thank you to everyone who shared this story and helped bring him home. 


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