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Crabcakes & Cannabis


Our Story

Crabcakes & Cannabis® Founder, Jennifer Culpepper, owner of the cannabis branding agency, Brand Joint, originally conceived the flag parody as artwork for a blog post about the then-upcoming Maryland Medical Cannabis program. She turned the design into a t-shirt and started a little side hustle that was intended as a creative outlet for the team at Brand Joint. 

“Everyone had a chance to get creative. We were able to make fun products and designs that weren’t limited by the rules and regulations that define the cannabis industry.” 

We all know how much Marylanders love this state (and our flag!). The idea blossomed into an actual business with a full catalog of merchandise sold in over 30 retail locations across the state. We are honored and humbled by the outpouring of love and support from this community. 

Rainbow Tie-Dye Pride Tee Crabcakes & Cannabis Maryland Flag

Giving Back

Our mission is to spread joy and create community among Maryland cannabis enthusiasts. The joy part is easy—especially once we adopted Buddy C. Weed, our crab mascot who has had some famous misadventures! But we haven’t done much for the community—yet! So, we’re starting a new program called Joint Action.
Our goal with Joint Action is to connect the cannabis industry to the communities it serves through volunteering activities, fundraising, or other ways we can support local organizations.
Join our mailing list to keep up with events in your community. If you are part of (or know of) any organizations doing fantastic things in your community, let us know. We’d love to lend a hand! 

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