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Do You Sell Infused Crabcakes?

No. Not yet! We don't sell Crabcakes or Cannabis. We cook up dope clothes and accessories that celebrate the Free State. Sometimes broiled—always baked!


Is Weed Legal in Maryland?

Medical Cannabis has been available for a few years and as of the 2022 midterm elections, Marylanders overwhelmingly voted to legalize cannabis for adult use. We are thrilled that the Free State just got a little Free-er! We are proud Marylanders, located in our state capital of Annapolis. We are on a mission to spread joy and build a community of Cannabis-loving Marylanders!


Do You Have a Store Front?

Nope. However you can find our products at retail locations around the state, as well as in our online store. If you are local to Annapolis and want to arrange to pick up your order, just reach out and we'll make it happen!


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