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We have some exciting news for this Friday afternoon. We are thrilled to say that our beloved Buddy the crab has been returned to us, unharmed (though a little dirty) to the Crabcakes & Cannabis office. We appreciate that a member of the involved party that stole Buddy came forward and apologized. We want to thank the Annapolis community for being so supportive and spreading the word about Buddy's capture. Our amazing city was integral in helping Buddy return home. Happy Friday indeed. 11/1/2019 4:00pm


With eye witness reports and newly reviewed security footage, we are happy to say we have a solid lead on the case and there are several confirmed persons of interest. We want to thank local businesses on Main Street, especially Acme Bar and Grill and Shades of the Bay for assisting us in our search for Buddy’s kidnappers. We also want to thank the public for their continued support and hilarious crustacean puns. An additional thank you is also due to Brooks DuBose of the Capital Gazette for his exceptional investigative reporting.

Although we have several persons of interest, we have no update as to the actual location of our beloved friend. We sincerely hope that Buddy is not sleeping with the fishes and believe that the perpetrators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the claw. 11/1/2019 12:00pm


Between the hours of 8:30 and 9:30pm on the evening of October 30, 2019, our beloved Buddy C. Weed was kidnapped.

Buddy made an appearance at Acme Bar and Grill in Annapolis, Maryland for a Crabcakes & Cannabis / Sweetwater Brewing Company collaborative event. While packing Buddy's claws and pants at the end of the night for safe keeping, Buddy's shell was abducted by an unknown perpetrator. The following morning, our team filed a police report for our missing person (mascot).

If you, or anyone you know has information about Buddy's whereabouts please reach out to us at We just want Buddy returned to us safe and sound. 10/31/2019 1:03pm



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