Crabcakes & Cannabis®

That's What Maryland Does!

We don't sell Crabcakes. Or Cannabis. We cook up dope clothes and accessories that celebrate the Free State. Sometimes broiled—always baked!

We are proud Marylanders and are thrilled that thousands of patients have access to affordable, life-changing medicine in our great state. We wear our pride on our sleeves and hope you do, too!


The Most Unique Gift of the Year!

Wooden Crab Mallet Pipe

Crabcakes & Cannabis

Wooden Crab Mallet Pipe


In a stroke of genius, the big brains at Crabcakes & Cannabis invented a crab mallet that doubles as a pipe. Each one comes with a removable glass bowl that is inset into the top of the hammer for easy cleaning & packing and a built-in filter. This is sure to be the most unique stocking stuffer of the season!

Size matches a real crab mallet— approximately 2.5" x 7"


What's Cookin'

Sometimes broiled. Always baked.