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10 CannaRecipes to Combat the Quarantine Boredom

10 CannaRecipes to Combat the Quarantine Boredom

Right now, the world feels an awful lot like this, Mass Hysteria. 

Image result for gif cats and dogs living together

 And then, Covid-19 has made it easy to clean out Facebook of those "friends" who have gone off the rails since high school and insist upon sharing misinformation. *Unfriend* 

cats and dogs living together

In this time of "mass hysteria" things can feel overwhelming. We encourage everyone to take a step back from Twitter, log out of Reddit, turn off Facebook notifications, and use this time wisely. "How?" you ask. Bake loads of infused treats of course! After that, you'll have plenty of time to hang with your quarantine house-mates, re-organize your closet, make homemade slime, learn a new language (we recommend Klingon or Dothraki), ponder the future state of the American economy, or cut your own hair! 

Below are a few tasty and easy recipes to pass the time while you're doing your part and self-quarantining! 

1. Easy Overnight Marijuana Monkey Bread

Cannabis Recipes: Easy Overnight Marijuana Monkey Bread


2. Cannabis Shortcut Strawberry Cheesecake Rolls

You're just 35 minutes away from eating an entire batch of these. Recipe for flawless CannaMilk here!

3. Cannabis Crab Cakes

Buddy C.Weed asked for this recipe to be included, it's one of his favorites! 

4. Hot Wings

How to Make Marijuana Hot Wings: Recipe, Instructions & Video

Try baking them for a healthier alternative!

5. The Easy Way To Make Cannabis-Infused Ramen Noodles

Ingredients Ramen Cannabis

Not to be dramatic, but I'd genuinely take a bath in this. 

6. Cannabis-Infused Tacos

*chefs kiss* 

7. Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies

I'm going to say something controversial, but hear me out. Vegan. Chocolate. Chip. Cookies. Are. Better. Than. Regular. Don't @ me. 

8. Cannabis-Infused Fettuccine Alfredo, in honor of the below tweet:

9. Weed Pesto


Put it on pasta, chicken, fish, your friends, your dog– the options are endless!

10. Cannabis Pumpkin Muffins

Pumpkin Muffin with a bite taken out and OMG sign on top

Careful licking the spoon when making these bad boys.

Thanks for checking out our blog! Leave your comments below and remember to wash your hands! 

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