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Limited Release 4/20 Tee + Free Koozies!

Limited Release 4/20 Tee + Free Koozies!

Today marks what would have been the National Cannabis Festival. While we understand the importance of social distancing, we cannot help but to catch ourselves in a hazy day dream. Picture this, you wake up and obviously your outfit is laid-out, just like your first day of fifth grade. You pull into the parking lot at RFK and *gasps* is that funnel cakes we're smelling, no it's weed! Or perhaps cotton candy, the only food worth getting your fingers THAT sticky. Maybe you're imagining Method Man & Redman taking the stage amidst a comfortably medicated crowd, too stoned to dance, but vibing nonetheless. We love going to festivals for many reasons but one of the main ones is seeing all of you! This brand was created to reduce some stigma, have a little fun, and build a sense of community– festivals allow us to do just that!  We truly wish we could be seeing everyone today while our large and slightly unsettling crab makes his rounds, but hope to see you all soon! 

Currently, the National Cannabis Festival has been postponed to September 19, 2020. Regardless of whether that date holds, we wanted to release our Limited Edition 4/20 Tees today so you can day dream with us from your couch. These shirts were heavily requested so it didn't feel right to hold out on you all. We're also going to be sending out a free koozie with each shirt, because that feels like the festive thing to do. 


Wishing you all a minimally stressful and scary pandemic,

The Crabcakes & Cannabis Team, and Buddy C. Weed

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