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The Face Behind the Brand

The Face Behind the Brand

Passionate about blending culture, creativity, and cannabis, Jennifer Culpepper is the driving force behind Crabcakes & Cannabis. As a Maryland native with an adventurous spirit, she's on a mission to curate an experience that celebrates the spirit of the Free State while embracing the elevated world of cannabis.

With a deep love of her native state and goal of spreading joy, Jenn's vision weaves humor and state pride into a community of cannabis enthusiasts. From designing the finest quality cannabis-inspired gear like our *multifunctional* crab mallet to capturing the essence of Maryland in every new tray design, she's dedicated to delivering joy and inspiration to every customer.

Join Jenn on this journey of discovery, as she invites you to explore the fusion of flavors, culture, and cannabis that defines Crabcakes & Cannabis. 

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