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Meet Buddy!

Meet Buddy!

You might have seen our lovable, larger than life mascot trick-or-treating in downtown Annapolis, in your mailbox with a delightful Christmas poem, shopping at Mana, frolicking at National Cannabis Festival, or paddle boating in Southern Maryland for the 4th of July. So who is this crustacean that finds his way into our hearts and Instagram feeds? Allow us to formally introduce the man, the myth, the legend — Buddy C. Weed. Buddy hangs out with us at the Crabcakes & Cannabis office to keep us motivated, make us laugh, and ensure all orders are fulfilled. He truly is our best bud. 

For months, Buddy’s life has been a mystery. Until now. Take a look at a few questions Buddy often receives. Dying to know something about Buddy? Send us an email or shoot us a DM on Instagram. We'd be happy to answer! 

Does Buddy eat crabcakes? 
That seems a little cannibalistic, no? You're right. It's definitely a little weird, but a true Marylander would never turn down a delicious crabcake. 

Does he prefer Old Bay or J.O. Spice?
Old Bay by a long shot. Have you seen our Dank Herb stickers?

Does Buddy talk?
No way. Have you ever seen a talking crab?? He does have some pretty good dance moves though. 

What's Buddy's favorite holiday?
Obviously 420. Maryland Day is a close second. 

Is Buddy single?
Buddy is single and ready to mingle. He definitely has a type, though — larger females with a sweet personality. 

When can I meet Buddy?
Though he doesn't accompany us to most dispensary pop-ups, he does enjoy a good festival, especially if they have corndogs. Come snag a photo with him at Hot August Festival on August 17th or the 6th Annual Maryland's Top Crab Cake Challenge on September 17th! 


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